February Newsletter: 'What's That You're Doing? (No.2/Vol.7)'

February Newsletter: 'What's That You're Doing? (No.2/Vol.7)'

How do we top of January? Well, for the month that celebrates all things 'love' we invited fans to send Paul's song 'My Love' to their Valentine. We also set the loving ambience asking about your favourite "Silly Love Songs" and Paul got in touch to post a message for George Harrison's birthday. What's not to love?

However, February isn't just a month to get romantic, it's also the time of year we binge watch our favourite new blockbusters as award season begins. On the subject of awards, we celebrated Paul receiving the highest of British kid's TV honours - a Gold 'Blue Peter' Badge! Speaking of which, Paul celebrated Rami Malek's success on Twitter after the ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ actor shared a photo of the two meeting backstage on the #FreshenUpTour last December!

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