First Listen: 'Kisses On The Bottom' In Full!

First Listen: 'Kisses On The Bottom' In Full!

Listen to Kisses On The Bottom in its entirety! For a
limited time The
  and NPR
will be hosting a stream of the album before its official
release on February 6th (UK) and February the
7th (USA).

"It's easy to forget he grew up loving music that wasn't
his. Here, that includes selections both predictable ("It's Only
a Paper Moon") and... less predictable ("The Inch
Worm"), as well as two new originals. Those songs, "My
Valentine" and "Only Our Hearts," grab high-profile
assists from fellow giants - Eric Clapton in the former, Stevie Wonder
in the latter while sliding smoothly into the mix, thanks in part to
assists from Diana Krall and her backing band." (

Check it out now!

Kisses On The Bottom is out on Monday February 6th/7th.
Pre-Order the album direct from:

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I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter [Taken FROM 'Kisses On The Bottom']
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