For The Perfect Experience

For The Perfect Experience

Paul's 'NEW' album is released tomorrow around the world (Tuesday in the US). It has been on heavy rotation here at the office and we can't wait to hear what you think! Once you have your copy please let us know your favourite moments on the album using the hashtag #whatsnew on Twitter, or leave your comments here on the website, the Maccaboard, or on your social network of choice.

Paul really wants you to enjoy his 'NEW' album and has asked us to pass on the following piece of advice:

"If you buy 'NEW' on CD, please be careful when removing the booklet and take it out through the front cover gap, rather than the inside gap; If you do it could rip the cover. I only know this because I did it three times before I realised the booklet had to come out of the front gap!
"I hope you enjoy the music!! And please pass this message on."

To help illustrate Paul's point this is the correct way to remove the booklet:


…and this is the incorrect way:


…and if you're wondering what that is on the inside cover, it's a letter from Paul to his fans giving an insight into the recording of 'NEW'.

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