GENYC Hits US Today New Release Dates

GENYC Hits US Today New Release Dates

Good Evening New York City is released today in the US!

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This momentous musical experience is available in two
formats: a 3-disc (2 CD + 1 DVD) standard edition and a 4-disc (2 CD +
2 DVD) deluxe version featuring expanded packaging and a bonus DVD
including McCartney's traffic-stopping, headline-making July 15
performance on the Ed Sullivan Theater marquee (including bonus
numbers not aired on the Late Show with David Letterman broadcast).
"It was three great nights for the band and for me personally it
was very exciting to be back opening a new stadium on the site of the
old Shea Stadium where we had played 44 years previously.

Even more exciting because this time round you could hear us! GENYC
is released in the UK on Monday 7th December and from November 30th
across the World.

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