'Live and Let Die' Recognised For Over 4 Million Performances In The USA

'Live and Let Die' Recognised For Over 4 Million Performances In The USA

Paul has been presented with a Million-Air Award to celebrate over 4 million broadcast performances of 'Live and Let Die' in the USA from global music rights organisation Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI).

The track, written for the 1973 James Bond film, has long been a fan favourite and was recognised at the recent 2012 BMI London Awards.

“Sir Paul McCartney’s recognition emphasises BMI’s commitment to celebrating and bringing value to music,” said BMI President & CEO Del Bryant. “‘Live and Let Die’ shows the incredible magnitude and cultural impact of a single song, both as a musical composition and an integral piece of cinematic history.”

Paul has been honoured with a staggering 75 BMI Million-Air Awards throughout his career, including one for achieving 5 million US plays of The Beatles’ 'Yesterday' in 1988, which has now surpassed an awe-inspiring 9 million performances.

PaulMcCartney.com recently included a live version of 'Live and Let Die' as part of its track of the week feature. To listen to the performance, taken from Paul's 2009 album 'Good Evening New York City', check out the video below.

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