New Photos: Paul and Lily Cole Discuss 'Hope For The Future'

New Photos: Paul and Lily Cole Discuss 'Hope For The Future'

Paul joined Lily Cole to discuss writing his new song 'Hope For The Future' with an invited audience at the office of her Impossible website yesterday morning.

Impossible's London headquarters played host to around thirty musicians invited through Lily's website to enjoy a 45 minute Q&A with Paul where he covered subjects including writing his first-ever song for a computer game, along with sharing anecdotes of his first experiences with songwriting, and some of the tips and techniques he's learned through his career.

After speaking with Lily for around 20 minutes Paul took questions from the musicians in attendance including a 13 year old young lady who asked advice on how to turn her 12 recently written songs into an album. were on hand to capture the event and over the coming days we'll be publishing more from the songwriting talk including more answers from Paul to Impossible member's questions, so remember to keep checking back...

Learn more about Lily Cole's Impossible website by clicking HERE!

Photos by Ken Kajoranta

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