New Video: Paul's Message For Vienna

New Video: Paul's Message For Vienna

Paul and his band have recorded a new video for the fans coming to see his gig at the Happel Stadium in Vienna this Thursday. Watch it below:

The video was shot during the soundcheck for Paul's recent concert in Warsaw. The visit - part of the all-new "Out There" tour - marked his first ever gig in Poland.

Before the show Paul tweeted, "Nie mogę się już doczekać tego wspaniałego wieczoru i dzisiejszego koncertu". This translates into English as, "I'm really looking forward to this wonderful evening and tonight's concert".

Warsaw's National Stadium also greeted Paul by writing 'Welcome Paul' in 80 metre high lights on the outside of the venue:

And check out a Vine video and photo also taken during the Warsaw soundcheck below.


Fans can keep up to date on the all-new "Out There" tour by following Paul on Twitter HERE!

Fans can also find Paul on Vine by navigating to the 'Search for People' section and typing in: Paul McCartney.

Let us know if you were at the Warsaw show in the comments below...

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