'NEW' Voted Fourth Best Album of 2013 by Rolling Stone Magazine

'NEW' Voted Fourth Best Album of 2013 by Rolling Stone Magazine

As we approach the end of the year round ups of the last twelve months have begun to be published and we were pleased to hear that Paul's 'NEW' album has been voted the fourth best of 2013 by Rolling Stone magazine.

Writing about the release Rolling Stone say Paul "…plays to his strengths: Wings-like glam rock, Little Richard howls and, yep, some remarkably Beatlesque pop tunes".

The magazine also comments that Paul "engages 21st-century pop with sharp ears [by] bringing in young-gun producers".

Read Rolling Stone's full summary of Paul's 'NEW' album and check out their Top 50 releases of 2013 HERE!, and check out their 4/5 review of 'NEW' HERE!

What have been your favourite albums of 2013? Let us know in the comments below…

Fans who don't have their copy of 'NEW' yet can pick it up in stores now or online at the links below:

Amazon - Click HERE!
Google Play: Click HERE!
iTunes - Click HERE!

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