On This Day During the 'Wings Over the World' Tour...

On This Day During the 'Wings Over the World' Tour...

On this day during the 'Wings Over The World' tour the band performed at the Community Center in Tucson. As it was June 18th Paul was met at the show with several 'Happy Birthday' banners made for him by local fans.


Backstage at the gig Paul was seen celebrating his birthday with a Wings At The Speed Of Sound themed cake.


The birthday celebrations continued after the show with Paul being serenaded by a Mariachi band and then breaking into a piƱata. Fans can check out exclusive never-before-seen photos from the concert and birthday celebrations at the Wings over America tour diary by clicking HERE! and then navigating to the Tucson show.

The concert in Tucson was part of the tour which produced the recently reissued Wings over America live album and Rockshow concert film. Check out more details of the album release HERE! and 'Rockshow' HERE!


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