Paul honoured by PETA's 'Vegetarian Icons US Stamp'

Paul honoured by PETA's 'Vegetarian Icons US Stamp'

Paul has been honoured in PETA's new "Vegetarian Icons"
U.S. postage PhotoStamp™ collection. The collector's sheet honors some
of the world's most dynamic vegetarians throughout history.

Paul is the host of PETA's exposé inside the meat industry, called
" for the Beatle's celebrated statement: "If
slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian."

The iconic vegetarians featured in PETA's postage sheet also
include Ellen DeGeneres,Leonardo da Vinci,Natalie Portman,Albert
Schweitzer,Joan Jett,Russell Simmons,Johnny Appleseed,Leo
Tolstoy,Steve-O,CésarChávez,Mohandas Gandhi,Pythagoras,Chrissie
Hynde,Bob Barker,Bryan Adams,Woody Harrelson,and Pamela Anderson.
PETA's new postage series is available here

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