Paul & Nancy With Friends In New York

Paul & Nancy With Friends In New York

Paul and Nancy were joined by friends and family in New York at the
weekend to celebrate their marriage. Two weeks since their special day
in London, the couple hosted a second reception at the Bowery Hotel on
Friday night where guests included Dave Grohl, James Taylor, Yoko Ono,
Keith Richards, Ralph Lauren, Elvis Costello, Billy Joel, Steve Van
Zandt and Steve Buscemi.

When leaving the party, Sopranos actress Aida Turturro told
fans and media outside, 'Wow, Wow, Wow. That was amazing! The best
part of the party was the dancing. But it was all amazing!'

Barbara Walters told the assembled crowd that the evening was
'marvellous' as she left.

Paul and Nancy said "We loved having all out friends and
family together to share this lovely celebration with us."

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