Paul Remembers John Hurt

Paul Remembers John Hurt

"John Hurt and Keith Moon, two legends photographed by Linda at a Buddy Holly celebration which tragically turned out to be the last night of Keith Moon’s life. We remember both with fondness - and always will.

"I knew John from his earliest days when he was in ‘Little Malcolm and his Struggle Against the Eunuchs’ and continued a friendship through the years often visiting him in his house in Hampstead and having fun together on many other occasions. I asked him to play the part of a Brian Epstein type manager for our video ‘Take It Away’, which he did with great skill. 

"Though it is really sad to lose such a great mate and talent, the memories I have of him will always be with me."

Paul McCartney 

Watch the music video for 'Take It Away' below: 

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