Paul Talks About Kisses On The Bottom

Paul Talks About Kisses On The Bottom

Yesterday, Thursday 19th January, Paul began promotional work for
his new album 'Kisses On The Bottom', set for release in February.
Paul spent the day giving interviews to press from all around the
world at London's Hempel Hotel. Part of the day was streamed
exclusively live, here!

Missed it yesterday? You can now catch up on all the action here!


Talking about his experiences recording the new album and working
with legendary producer Tommy LiPuma and Diana Krall, Paul was
speaking to journalists from around the world including Samir Koeck
(Die Press, Austria), Juliana Resende (Época, Brazil), Ross Porter
(Jazz FM, Canada), Alan Corr (RTE Guide, Ireland), Shane Hegarty (The
Irish Times, Ireland), Jose Antonio Martinez Lopez (Reactor, Mexico),
Gry Blekastad Almås (NRK, Norway), Menno Pot (de Volkskrant,
Netherlands), Eva Grau (Femina, Switzerland), Hans Peter Künzler
(NZZ, Switzerland), Yuko Takano (freelance, Japan), Guillaume Decherf
(METRO, France), Michael Pilz (freelance, Germany) and Martin Scholz
(freelance, Germany).

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