Paul Wishes Dame Vera Lynn a Happy 100th Birthday!

Paul Wishes Dame Vera Lynn a Happy 100th Birthday!

Paul wishes Dame Vera Lynn a happy 100th birthday: "When I was a little kid growing up in Liverpool at the end of World War II, the world was coloured by images and stories of the war. Our playgrounds were often bomb sites. The radio was often aimed at the brave people serving in the armed forces and central to all of this was the sweet clear voice of Vera Lynn. We could imagine how soldiers serving in the war, away in places like Burma, would be glued to their radios listening to the sounds coming from their faraway homeland.  

"Vera’s songs always spoke of hope for the future and we can imagine how important this must have been to those distant audiences. She became a symbol of optimism and a better life to come. We all grew up with a great admiration and respect for her.  

"In later years we had the pleasure of meeting her and even though we were somewhat overawed, her easy going personality made us feel at home. Perhaps this was one of her greatest secrets. In person and with her music she could communicate a sense of down home authenticity. So today - Monday 19th March 2017 - it is with great pleasure that I can congratulate this wonderful lady on her 100th birthday and thank her for the many hours of pleasure she has given to me and people across the world. Happy Birthday Vera! Lots of love,  Paul"

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