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As we reach the end of 2013 it’s the natural time to look back over the past twelve months and take stock.

There have been so many highlights for us here at It would be impossible to list them all but here are some of our favourites:

  • - We've started 'You Gave Me The Answer' which sees Paul answering a fan question each month. The response has been incredible with fans sending in over 35,000 questions already this year! Read Paul's latest Christmas-themed Q&A by clicking HERE!

  • - We’ve set up the monthly newsletter ‘What’s That You’re Doing?’ highlighting the big news from each month (you can sign up to receive it by clicking HERE!).

  • - We’ve published some incredible photos from Paul’s ‘Out There’ tour courtesy of tour photographer MJ Kim. Check them out in the Collections section HERE!

  • - Paul’s publicist Stuart Bell has given us plenty of behind-the-scenes insights with his excellent blog ‘For Whom The Bell Tells’. Read Stuart’s 2013 updates HERE!

  • - We’ve also posted several exclusive behind-the-scenes videos from the ‘Out There’ tour (watch them HERE!) and the ‘NEW’ album campaign (watch those HERE!)

  • - We went to the BAFTA premiere of ‘Rockshow’. Check out exclusive photos from the night HERE!

  • - We were invited to New York by Paul to be part of the planning discussions for his ‘NEW’ album.

  • - We launched new accounts for Paul on Vine, Instagram and LINE - LINE now being Paul's biggest social network with 10 million followers!

  • - We created eight exclusive stickers of Paul for the LINE social network.

  • - We got to invite 20 of Paul’s fans to Abbey Road Studios to be part of his ‘Queenie Eye’ video. Watch the video featuring Johnny Depp, Meryl Streep and Kate Moss (to name just three!) HERE!

  • - We watched Paul play live at Maida Vale Studios for his BBC sessions, Covent Garden and in Tokyo!

  • - Paul did his very first Twitter live Q&A to talk about his ‘NEW’ album.

  • - And last, but definitely not least, we’ve been working on rebuilding the whole of the website! Paul’s ‘NEW’ album distracted us for a few months, but we’re back on track and you’ll start to see the results very soon…!

And if the above wasn’t enough, was invited to Tokyo to meet our friends at LINE and see Paul play live at the Tokyo Dome – a real highlight for us!

As we are always on the look out for exclusive content that we can share with you we took the below photos during our visit.

^ Fans at soundcheck at the Tokyo Dome.

^ Fans queuing up outside the Tokyo Dome.

^ Around 50,000 very excited (and noisy!) fans watching Paul’s concert.

^ The moment during ‘Live and Let Die’ where Paul nearly melted our camera!

You can also check out more (professional!) photos from Paul's Japan tour taken by MJ Kim at the recently published collection HERE!

So those were some of our highlights from 2013 - not a bad 12 months, we’re sure you’ll agree! Let us know your favourite moments of 2013 by leaving your comments below, at the Maccaboard, or on your social network of choice using the hashtag #PaulMcCartney.

All the best!

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