Redevelopment Update Redevelopment Update

Hi everyone,

This blog update has come a little later than we’d hoped but we have exciting news for you, and we also want you to help us decide something very important.

But, first things first... During our questionnaire at the beginning of the year you told us the second most important thing you wanted adding to the website - after personal updates from Paul which are now happening each month in the feature ‘You Gave Me The Answer’ - was to get details on pre-sale tickets.

Taking your direction we worked together with Crowd Surge to create a new secure mechanism for registered fans to purchase pre-sale tickets. Many of you will have already used this new process to buy your tickets for Paul’s “Out There” tour. To ensure the smooth running of each pre-sale we were online to answer questions and give advice on the Maccaboard, as well as on Facebook and Twitter. We were seeing hundreds of messages from happy fans who had bought their tickets to the gigs. There were a few teething problems but as and when these occurred we had a team of developers on hand to help fix them and we are happy to say that overall the pre-sale was a great success and this mechanism is now ready to use for all future pre-sales.

Now, the exciting news is that you will be able to see the results of our months of hard work on the website very soon. We are looking to launch the redeveloped site at the start of the summer and will continue to work on it with you throughout the year. In the summer launch you will be getting your website profiles back including your friends, profile wall posts as well as your private messages. Pioneer Members will also be retaining their status.

We will be publishing answers to several more of your questions soon but we would like you to help us decide something. We will be bringing the Maccaboard into the website, rather than it continuing to exist as a separate entity, and it will be updated. But we must stress, please do not worry, you will not lose any of your posts or details and everything you can do on there now you will still be able to do in future. Our question to you is this:

Do you want the Maccaboard and website to operate using one single sign in, or do you want to keep them separate? We can see the pros and cons for both options so decided the best thing to do was to ask you. There are two options:

• Merge your Maccaboard and website accounts so all of your posts and details are brought together into one single sign in?
• Or keep the two sign ins separate?

We are very mindful of taking your lead on this as we want you to be completely happy with how the social side of the website develops. As before we’ve set up a survey for you to voice your opinion so vote for your preference by clicking HERE! The poll will remain open until mid-day (UK time) on Friday 7th June. 

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