PM Supports 'The Eye Fund'

PM Supports 'The Eye Fund'

Sir Paul McCartney supports the launch of The Eye Fund Who &
What & Why? The family of Sir Paul McCartney are responding to the
loss of their son and brother Simon Sherry by fundraising to support
others in a similar situation. Simon suffered with Retinal Cone
Dystrophy, a condition in which his eyesight was failing rapidly but
was frighteningly unpredictable. Their Charity The Eye Fund will be
launched with the publication of Optics a calendar to raise awareness
in the field of visual impairment. A large number of Simons graphics
used the eye as a starting point, many of which you can still see in
the abstract images included in this stunning calendar. Funds raised
from the sale of the £7.50 calendars will go directly to support
counselling for individuals with failing vision and their families.
All of Simons family are heavily involved in this project.

As a Production Manager in the print trade Simons brother Dave has
overseen the production of the calendar while his brother Phil has
created the web site (below). Simons parents, Carol and Paul Sherry
are Charity Chair & Treasurer respectively with sister Helen
promoting both the launch and the charity. Even his nephews Jacob,
Jamie & Ciaran have raised more than £300 with sponsored
events of their own. This really is a family concern!

When & Where?Hope Park Community Nursery, the Nursery managed
by Simons sister Helen Rowlands will be the venue for the launch at
7:30pm on Wednesday October 10th. For the past month the children at
Hope Park have been studying eyes - their own eyes, animals eyes, eyes
around them etc. After a talk by Simons parents, Carol and Paul, the
children each selected one of Simons graphics to use as a basis for
their own work and have completed a stunning collection for display.
These will be on display alongside Simons work on the evening of
Wednesday October 10th. 

Sir Paul McCartney has added his support to this very worthy cause
and written a foreword for the calendar: This Calendar celebrates the
life of my Second Cousin Simon. Every time we met each other, I recall
his infectious smile and great sense of humour and will always have
fond memories of his lovely personality. He was an extremely talented
guy as this calendar proves and his talents extended beyond art to
music, where he was an accomplished bassist and keyboardist. At an
early age, he was influenced strongly by Linda and myself and became a
committed vegetarian with a great love of nature and all its
miraculous creations. He is sorely missed by all of us who knew and
loved him but I for one will never forget his smiling face and all of
us in the family will cherish his memory forever.

To find out more Telephone contact can be made with Helen Rowlands
during the day on 0151 291 3200, or in the evening on 0151 257 7544.
Email contact to
Web site information How to get there
Hope Park Community Nursery is located within Liverpool Hope
University, on the corner of Taggart Ave and Woolton Road in
Childwall, Liverpool.

The evening will commence at 7.30pm with a viewing of both Simons
and the childrens work, followed by an opportunity to interview (or
photograph) participants about this valuable project. We do hope to
see you there Wednesday October 10th, 7.30pm!

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