Red Nose Day 2013 T-Shirts Designed by Stella McCartney

Red Nose Day 2013 T-Shirts Designed by Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney has created four fashionable charity t-shirts for this year’s Red Nose Day, which takes place on Friday 15th March.
The Beatles - as photographed by Linda McCartney, actress Marilyn Monroe, model Kate Moss and comedian Tommy Cooper have all been given the Red Nose Day treatment. The t-shirts are available to buy from the charity’s store and TK Maxx along with a giraffe design for children and babies. 25 customised limited edition versions are also available from Stella’s store in Mayfair and Brompton Cross.

The t-shirts have been manufactured entirely in Africa with 100% of the cotton sourced from Fairtrade certified co-operatives in Mali.

For the past 25 years Red Nose Day has been raising funds for people in need in the UK and Africa. For more information on the charity head over to their website HERE!

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