Sticking Out Of My Back Pocket: ‘Too Much Rain’

Sticking Out Of My Back Pocket: ‘Too Much Rain’

Last week we published the first instalment of our new feature Sticking Out Of My Back Pocket’, where we highlight some of our favourite songs from Paul’s forthcoming release Pure McCartney. Each week we will focus on a “deep cut” that has not been performed live in the recent past.

‘Too Much Rain’ is the seventh track on Paul’s 2005 solo album Chaos and Creation in the Backyard. We always notice that fans have a special place in their hearts for this album with many of you commenting that it is your favourite of Paul’s solo releases. Fans aren’t the only ones who give this record the thumbs up; it was nominated for four GRAMMYS including Album of the Year, Best Pop Vocal Album and Best Male Pop Performance for ‘Fine Line’ in 2006, and then Best Male Pop Performance for ‘Jenny Wren’ in 2007.

Chaos and Creation in the Backyard was recorded at Air Studios, London and produced by Nigel Godrich, the gentleman often found behind the mixing desk of Radiohead albums.

Before we go, we wanted to mention that this album features one of our favourite ever images of Paul. The photograph – from 1962 and titled ‘Our Kid Through Mum’s Net Curtains’ – was taken by Paul’s brother Mike at their childhood home, 20 Forthlin Road. The National Trust now owns the McCartney residence, as it does Aunt Mimi’s, the house at 251 Menlove Avenue where John Lennon grew up and just a short 20-minute walk away from Forthlin Road. To this day, you can stand in the very place Mike took the photograph all those years ago. (When we visited, the guide told us that Bob Dylan had even taken the tour of the two homes – can you imagine!)

We love how innocent that photo of Mike’s is and judging by the comments left by many of you, we would say you’re fans too. Looking at the album’s cover, do you think Paul could ever have guessed at what would follow just a few months later when The Beatles released ‘Please Please Me’?!

Listen to the full version of ‘Too Much Rain’ below and let us know some of your favourite moments from Chaos and Creation in the Backyard in the comments below.... 

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