The Love We Make; Out on 28th November

The Love We Make; Out on 28th November

We are proud to announce the issue on 28th November 2011 of the
unique and compelling Paul McCartney film “The Love We Make” on
Blu-ray [Cat. No. ERBRD5125] and DVD [Cat. No. EREDV914].  The film
was directed by Albert Maysles [“Gimme Shelter”] and Bradley Kaplan
and follows Paul as he journeys through the streets of New York City
in the aftermath of the destruction of the World Trade Centre on 11
September 2001. It also chronicles the planning and performance of the
benefit concert that took place less than six months after the
attacks: “The Concert For New York City”.

“The Love We Make” was shot on atmospheric 16mm black and
white film with colour inserts from the concert.  The title features
cameo appearances from a host of well known faces including David
Bowie, Steve Buscemi, Eric Clapton, Bill Clinton, Sheryl Crow,
Leonardo DeCaprio, Harrison Ford, Mick Jagger, Jay Z, Billy Joel,
Elton John and many more.  The Guardian describe the film as “an
unexpected cinematic gem that has emerged out of the otherwise sombre
occasion of the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks.”

“It was an honour to be able to help New York and America at
that time in its history,” said McCartney of the concert. “There was a
feeling of shock and fear in the air that I thought we could help
alleviate with music and the fact that so many people stepped up to
join us made for a very uplifting evening for us all.”

“The Love We Make” film features performance clips from the
benefit concert and backstage moments with many of the performers and
other famous attendees. This poignant film was broadcast on More4 and
formed a part of the overall 10th Anniversary remembrance of 9/11.

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