Track(s) of the Week: 'Ocean's Kingdom'

Track(s) of the Week: 'Ocean's Kingdom'

This week's track of the week is a little different from the previous ones. Fans may be aware that 'Ocean's Kingdom' celebrated the first anniversary of its gala performance at the weekend. To commemorate the ocassion updated the 'Ocean's Kingdom' premium collection last Friday, and today we publish the latest installment of the track of the week feature highlighting the music from the ballet.

Check out the video below to hear four 30" clips from the music. Let us know in the comments below what you think and if you were lucky enough to see a performance of the ballet...


The artwork that accompanies the release is very striking and inventive. Though it seems to suggest a city skyline, it is actually a digital readout of the notes from the ballet score. Check out the video below to see this highlighted:


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