UPDATED: 'Rockshow' and 'Wings over the World' on BBC iPlayer

UPDATED: 'Rockshow' and 'Wings over the World' on BBC iPlayer

UPDATED STORY: July 8th 2013:

For the next week, UK fans can watch 'Rockshow' and 'Wings over the World' on the BBC iPlayer. Click the links below:

Rockshow - Click HERE!
Wings over the World - Click HERE!

Let us know your favourite moments from the films in the comments below!


ORIGINAL STORY: July 4th 2013:

UK fans can tune into BBC4 from 9pm on Friday 5th July to watch 'Rockshow' and 'Wings over the World'.

The concert film 'Rockshow' was recently reissued on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital Download and is packed with all the classic Wings hits - plus some of The Beatles’ and Paul’s solo classics. The reissue has been fully restored from the original 35mm film and with restored & remastered sound, including a 5.1 mix being available for the first time. Check out the trailer below...

The rarely seen television special 'Wings over the World', which followed Wings on the road during their 1975-76 tour, will air at 10pm following 'Rockshow'. The film, which is included in the newly reissued Deluxe Edition of 'Wings over America', features several live favourites and shows the band hanging out off stage.

Fans can pick up copies of 'Rockshow' and 'Wings over America' below:

Get 'Rockshow':
Amazon - Click HERE!
Digital Download - Click HERE!

Get 'Wings over the World' (as part of the 'Wings over America' Deluxe Edition):
Amazon - Click HERE!

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