Watch The #OutThere Verona Gig (In Under One Minute!)

Watch The #OutThere Verona Gig (In Under One Minute!)

Paul recently performed at the Roman Amphitheatre in Verona as part of his current "Out There" world tour. The concert took place on June 25th and during the rainy soundcheck Paul was persuaded to remove his shoes and socks to recreate the 'Abbey Road' album cover with three Italian fans.

Shortly after soundcheck Paul took to the stage with his band and began the night with 'Eight Days A Week'. He followed it with a three hour set of close to 40 songs covering his entire career from The Beatles and Wings right up to last year's 'My Valentine'.

Tour photographer MJ Kim was at the show collecting a great selection of shots that can be seen in the "Out There in Verona" collection HERE!

MJ also set up a time-lapse camera starting just before soundcheck and filming right the way through the show until the fans empty out from the venue. So you can now watch the whole show... in just under a minute!

Check out the video and let us know if you were at the concert in the comments below…

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