Sticking Out Of My Back Pocket: ‘That Day Is Done'

Sticking Out Of My Back Pocket: ‘That Day Is Done'

Sticking Out Of My Back Pocket: ‘That Day Is Done'

‘That Day Is Done’ - the song from which Paul and Elvis Costello took the lyric, ‘Flowers In The Dirt’ for the title of the album - is one of four co-writes with Elvis. Written at the same sessions that produced ‘Veronica’ and ‘My Brave Face’, the song is a lament on the inevitability of loss:

"She sprinkles flowers in the dirt, 
That’s when a thrill becomes a hurt, 
I know I’ll never see her face, 
She walks away from my resting place"

Elvis explains that inspiration for the song came from his own anxiety about possibly not being able to be at his Grandmother’s funeral. In a special Flowers In The Dirt  themed ‘You Gave Me The Answer’, Paul and Elvis discuss the origins of the song. 

Check out the full track below:

 “We kept the piano (Nicky Hopkins) and vocal and added some Hovis brass to give it a silver band / New Orleans marching band feel… I said to Elvis, ‘Oh yeah, I get it, New Orleans funeral music. House is finished, right?’ It’s turned out a nice track set against everything else on the album,” explains Paul in the essay book from the Deluxe Edition. The song has also been compared to much loved Wings hit, ‘Let Me Roll It’. 

...And here's a short animation we posted on Paul's social media today as a tribute to all things 'Flowers'...  

Fans can pick up their copy of Flowers In The Dirt at their local record store, or online via the below links:

Deluxe Edition (3CD/1DVD): Click HERE!
Special Edition (2CD): Click HERE!
Vinyl (2LP): Click HERE!

Let us know your favourite 'deep cuts' from Flowers In The Dirt in the comments below...

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