Good Evening Europe Begins

Good Evening Europe Begins

Wow, what a few days it has been! Paul sure knows how to make the
most of his time!

On Wednesday Paul kicked off his 'Good Evening Europe' tour in
serious style at the Color Line Arena, Hamburg. Paul played an
electrifying set in front of an emotionally charged sell-out crowd.
AFP reported; "The sold-out, nearly three-hour show, took in Fab
Four favourites, hits from his later band Wings, solo efforts and a
few new numbers and drew a warm, enthusiastic welcome from an audience
spanning three generations. Showing off a renowned knack for thrilling
a crowd and remarkable endurance -- he took no breaks during the
marathon set, not even for a sip of water."

Those lucky enough to be at the show were also treated to some
surprise world premiere exclusives, in the form of 'And I Love Her',
'Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da' and Paul's brand new track '(I Want To) Come
Home', which is taken from the new Robert De Niro film 'Everybody's
Fine'. News agency Bloomberg wrote, "McCartney whisked the
audience from the quiet melancholy of 'Yesterday', played alone with
an acoustic guitar, to the madness of 'Helter Skelter' -- complete
with vibrating bass, thrashing percussion and vertigo-inducing
roller-coaster rides beamed onto a screen behind him."

As if the excitement of Wednesday night was not enough, as the last
note of 'The End' rang out, the crew were already dismantling
everything and preparing to hit the road to Berlin. However, for Paul
he had to make a rather important detour before meeting up with the
rest of the crew in the German capital. Thursday morning saw Paul
address the European Parliament in Brussels on his 'Meat Free Monday'
initiative. Paul delivered a heartfelt speech at a European Parliament
conference and called for a global effort to change eating habits and
help save the planet from global warming. Paul also read out a
statement in support of his campaign from US climate change activist
Al Gore that said, "Meatless Mondays is a responsible and welcome
component to a strategy for reducing global pollution." Paul's
speech was greeted with applause and in places he even managed to make
some of the more serious members of the audience smile.

Following Paul's address there was no time to stick around, or take
up (the literally hundreds of) lunch offers! It was time to meet up
with the crew and band and rock Berlin! Paul played his second sold
out show in 48 hours at the O2 World Berlin last night. Another hit
filled set went down an absolute storm and saw him appear on the front
cover of Berlin's biggest daily paper the Berliner Morgenpost with a
glowing review.

On his 48 hour whirlwind trip Paul also found the time to take some
German refresher lessons, which meant he was able to address the
audiences in their native tongue. This went down a treat and the crowd
showed their appreciation right back at Paul. He also dedicated songs
in German to John, George and Linda.

German national newspaper Die Welt reported: "Sometimes the
touring artists get it wrong and twist the names of the cities. The
venues look alike, the people and the cities too, but Paul McCartney
makes no mistakes". Talking about the show itself they said,
"We see a different Paul to his last tour. On one hand he is
playing with more fun, and on the other he works with more dedication.
This is so much more than an evening with a living legend music box.
When Paul sings 'Here Today' alone with his guitar, it's not only him
who has to hold back the tears."

The tour continues, next stop Arnhem Gelredome!

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