Horsens Gigs Update

Horsens Gigs Update

It has been decided to move Paul's upcoming Danish shows to accommodate further tour dates due to demand.  Given the scale of Paul's production and his work on a fresh show it makes more sense to reschedule current one-off dates in line with the new shows yet to be announced.

Talking about this unavoidable change Paul said, 'I regret the disappointment this will cause, I know people were looking forward to seeing the shows. We will make up for it.'

Ticket refund information can be found at:
Paul's 'On the Run' tour this year has seen him on tour in Europe and South America, which included a massive free outdoor show to over 250,000 people in Mexico City. In 2012 the demand for Paul's live show has never been bigger and this month saw him close the Diamond Jubilee Concert in London. Next month Paul will play a central role in the Olympics opening ceremony.

Check back at for further announcements.

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