Macca Mania Hits British Shores as the Up and Coming Tour Comes Home

Macca Mania Hits British Shores as the Up and Coming Tour Comes Home

Paul McCartney brought his all new Up and Coming Tour onto home soil with a bang over the weekend by delivering an iconic performance at the Isle of Wight Festival.

In what was only his second ever UK festival performance Macca stole the show, winning over a legion of young new fans and leaving many regulars among the cross-generational audience claiming it to be the best Isle of Wight festival performance they had ever seen. ‚ÄúIt was a stunning performance of one of the greatest song catalogues of all time, a breathtaking display of showmanship, accompanied by incredible visuals and pristine sound. Sir Paul McCartney created a lifetime memory for the Isle of Wight Festival‚" said John Giddings, Isle of Wight Festival director.

The festival performance marked the latest blistering show in what has been a hugely successful tour. Landing in Dublin last week for the start of its UK and Ireland leg, Macca's return to the Irish capital was met with excitement. The Irish Times enthused: "A solid three hours from the Fab One ensured, for one night at least, all our troubles seemed so far away. Paul McCartney, legend, superstar and ordinary Liverpool geezer, delivered a dazzling performance which will linger long in the memory of those fortunate enough to witness it. McCartney - 68 on Friday - looked maybe 20 years younger. Better still; the voice was robust and strong. And he has oodles of charm. McCartney is the most successful songwriter in popular music. He is the kind of guy who makes presidents and prime ministers swoon (Tony Blair once delayed a cabinet meeting to catch up with the Fab One) but he is also avuncular, cheery and self-deprecating... Brooding rock stars with a scintilla of his talent, please take heed." McCartney's overwhelming homecoming reception has added to what has been an incredible few months for the icon who was recently honoured by President Obama with the Gerswin Prize for Popular Song, America's most prestigious music prize.

After receiving the prize, Macca rocked the White House with an amazing set climaxing with a stirring performance of Hey Jude, which had the President singing along on stage. The Up and Coming Tour which started in Phoenix back in March has also broken records by selling out the Foro Sol Arena in Mexico in 7 seconds. It is easy to see why UK audiences are getting so excited after unprecedented reviews of the US shows:

"It's hard to think of much in the pop music world more impressive than a 67-year-old musician holding forth for nearly three hours, outdoors on a chilly March night, while delivering some three dozen songs, the least of which would be a career highlight for almost any other artist." THE LOS ANGELES TIMES

"McCartney still sounds terrific, with a voice flexible enough to turn on a dime from raucous to honey sweet in a set that hit all the obvious targets ("Let It Be," "The Long and Winding Road," "Hey Jude," "Get Back," "Yesterday") as well as a few surprises." THE FORT LAUDERDALE SUN SENTINEL

"If anyone could be excused for having a rock star's distant, aloof persona, it would be Paul McCartney. But that's simply not him; he exudes a genuine likability and unforced charm that flattens any barriers between him and a live audience. And Tuesday's fantastic show also was an example of how music -- certain music -- can bridge cultural and generational chasms." THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

The tour's UK shows continue at Hampden Park in Glasgow on Sunday, the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff on Saturday 26th and Hyde Park in London on Sunday 27th before heading back to the US for a unique Macca-style summer of rock and roll.

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