Macca rocks Recife (twice!)

Macca rocks Recife (twice!)

The city of Recife in Brazil was brought to a standstill this
weekend as Paul McCartney's huge 'On The Run' tour took up residence
at the Arruda Stadium for two consecutive nights.

The rapturous audiences, made up of fans of all ages, made
sure Paul had a night to remember at each show too, singing along with
every word and holding up homemade banners, with many even in tears at
the sight of Paul returning to their country just twelve months after
his last visit.

Many had been camping outside the stadium for days before the
doors even opened, hoping to secure the best spot at the front. After
three hours of Paul's greatest hits, none of them went home
disappointed. In keeping with Brazilian tradition the fans had many
surprises throughout the show for Paul too, including special Paul
McCartney masks!

The Brazilian adventure continues this week as the tour moves
to Florianopolos.

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