Paul Arrives In Peru for historic first ever show in the country

Paul Arrives In Peru  for historic first ever show in the country

Macca mania hit Peru yesterday as Paul arrived in the country for
his first ever show there. He will perform at the Estadio Monumental
in the capital city Lima tonight, Monday 9th May. Though the concert
is Paul’s first live show this year, the Lima date is part of
the ongoing Up & Coming Tour, which played to over 750,000 people
last year alone.

Even before he set foot in the city, fans were feverishly
anticipating his arrival and hundreds had been camping outside the
stadium days earlier, in the hope of getting the best possible
position at the front once the doors open later today.

When Paul landed in the city yesterday morning he was mobbed
by thousands of fans at the airport. Fans, armed with their homemade
banners, also lined the streets to catch a glimpse of their idol as he
made his way to his hotel. Paul's car was followed by the local media
who were reporting on his every single move. Scenes at the hotel were
just as crazy with a huge Macca mad crowd chanting and singing for
their hero.

The diehard fans were rewarded with an unexpected sneak
preview of the show last night when Paul arrived at the stadium to
soundcheck and rehearse. Delighted cheers went up outside as fans
realised they were being treated to an early exclusive performance
from the man himself.

"I'm already so excited about seeing Paul McCartney
tonight, I have been camping out for three days now hoping to get
right at the front,"  said one fan, Romina Diaz, 28 from
Callao, Peru. "But to hear him rehearsing before the show has
even started was a dream come true. I’ll remember it forever."

Away from the stadium, Macca fever has spread throughout the
city itself as Lima gears up for tonight's big concert. Every bar and
restaurant is blasting out McCartney tracks, the streets are filled
with Macca memorabilia and banners and local TV and radio stations
have been counting down to the show itself. As 50,000 fans from across
Peru make their way to Lima before tonight’s historic concert,
it seems Paul McCartney will receive a welcome he will never forget
when he takes the stage this evening.

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