Paul in Mexico!

Paul in Mexico!

Last night (Thursday 10th May) Paul McCartney performed a special
free concert in Zocalo in Mexico City. An estimated 250,000 filled the
square and lined the surrounding streets. The show was the closing
date of his South American 'On the Run' tour, his last show before the
Queen's Diamond Jubilee show next month.

The show lasted almost three hours and included hits such as
'Drive My Car', 'Hey Jude', 'Let It Be', 'Live and Let Die' and 'Blackbird'.

During the show he was joined on stage by a traditional
Mexican Mariachi band for a version of 'Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da'.

Before the show Paul was honoured by the Mayor of the City.

Paul played a total of three shows in Mexico over the last
week including a sell out show at the legendary Azteca Stadium to
80,000 people. All week fans camped outside his hotel and lined the
neighbouring streets.

Speaking about the free show Paul said:
It was quite emotional and exciting that people who might not be
able to afford to come to our shows could come to this. It was like
Beatlemania all over again. When you visit places that you don'™t
often come to, like South America, they'™ve been saving up the
excitement so when you get there they let it all go. When you are in
a band you hope people will like what you do and when they like it
as much as they did here it's quite a buzz.

Check out four exclusive photos from the gig HERE!

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