Paul rocks Rio with two incredible concerts

Paul rocks Rio with two incredible concerts

Paul brought Rio de Janeiro to a standstill this week with two
staggering concerts in the city, playing to 90,000 delighted fans who
had travelled from across Brazil for the long-awaited shows.
Paul’s visit made front-page news all week and hundreds of fans
were permanently camped outside his hotel where Brazilian news crews
were also stationed, all waiting for a glimpse of music’s
leading man.


The concerts on Sunday and Monday night were Paul’s first in
twenty-one years in the city and the audience, who comprised fans of
all ages and even three generations of some families, were not
disappointed. A deafening roar went up each night when Paul took the
stage at the massive Estadio Olimpico and proceeded to play nearly
three hours of the world’s best-loved and known music. Fans
clapped, cheered, screamed, cried, laughed and sang along as their
idol played an incredible set list that spanned his entire career,
including highlights from The Beatles, Wings and of course, his
unrivalled solo material. The Brazilian night sky was set alight in a
dramatic fashion as the impressive pyrotechnics launched in the middle
of the crowd favourite, ‘Live And Let Die’, providing a
spectacle for even those not lucky enough to be inside the stadium for
the whole show. Perhaps the biggest cheer of the night was reserved
for Paul greeting the audience in their native language, which
thrilled fans who couldn’t believe their ears.

During ‘Hey Jude’ the audience surprised Paul by
holding up hand made banners that read ‘NA’. The site was
a spectacle to behold as the audience sang along with the famous
‘Na’s’ in one of the worlds most recognisable songs.
“The concert took my breath away,” said one fan, Luiz
Antunes, 29 from Rio. “I’ve been waiting for it for months
but it was still even better than I expected. Paul sounded amazing
– I can’t believe how energetic he is on stage! I
don’t want to wait another 21 years.” On Sunday night the
concert was the first ever show to be broadcast live across South
America on the internet with over 1.5 million fans tuning in! Leaving
Rio on a massive high, the 31 trucks full of equipment and 170 people
in Paul’s crew roll on to the next date which will take place at
the famous MGM Grand in Las Vegas in June. Vegas - get ready!

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