Coachella Q & A with Paul

15 April 2009

1. Have you spent any time in the Palm Springs area? Does the desert inspire you?

I love the desert intensely but have not spent any time in the Palm Springs area, although we did shoot some pictures for the Venus And Mars album cover in northern California in the desert. The desert I know best is Arizona and I love it. I love being there.

2. Why at this point in your illustrious career, did you decide to perform at a U.S. festival?

Because I was asked and it seemed like a great idea. I like that its in the desert, I like that its the first festival of the year and everyone I talk to told me it was the coolest festival.

3. Will The Fireman be getting a live outing?

We are hoping to bring The Fireman along and persuade him to do a couple of numbers.

4. How do you feel about playing to a crowd as diverse as the Coachella audience? What do you hope the crowd will walk away with?

Their feet! I like diverse audiences; I kind of get them whether I like it or not my audience often has a big generational span. The spirit at a festival event is very free and so fits with my way of thinking.

5. Are you planning anything different or special for this performance?

Yeah! We will do a few things we havent done before and change some of the songs from our normal set.

6. In 2004 you warmed up to Glastonbury with a European tour, how have you been warming up for Coachella?

By playing for David Lynchs Change Begins Within foundation in NYC.

7. Do you feel in the festival setting that theres a certain level of camaraderie among the performers?

Yeah I think performers and audience all know its a party and we are all part of something special it‚ a coming together of like-minds which is always pretty exciting.

8. What are your expectations from this show?

I expect to have a great evening out and groove with ma people.