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Every music fan has questions they’d love to ask their favourite musicians, including us! Since the start of 2013 PaulMcCartney.com has been giving fans the unique opportunity to get theirs answered by the gentleman we’re lucky to call our boss.

'You Gave Me The Answer’ - a title taken from one of our favourite songs on the album Venus and Mars - is our monthly website feature where fans can submit their questions to Paul (sometimes hijacked by us too, when there’s something we’d love to know!).

Since launching the Q&A we have received tens and tens of thousands of questions from all around the world. Then each month we select some of our favourites and sit down with Paul to run through them. Without doubt, it’s one of the favourite parts of our job as we love how off-the-cuff Paul’s responses can be (and through the years, some of the answers have included musical accompaniment with Paul treating us to a mini concert to illustrate an answer!).

Want to find out why we don't know Paul as "James"? Or Paul's biggest fears? Or what about how Paul learned to play the "F Demented" chord?