25 September 2014

For the past year we have been regramming our favourite fan images at the 'NEW' Instagram account. We've been so impressed by all of the talent and creativity #OutThere that we've decided to create a brand new feature called #FanArtFriday.

We will be posting a piece of fan art under the hashtag #FanArtFriday every Friday on Paul's social pages. We're asking you to post your pictures to Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #whatsnewpaul. Our favourites will also be used in a new #FanArtFriday website photo collection.

We'll be showing the best ones to Paul so be as creative as possible!

Check out the new #FanArtFriday collection HERE!

We'll be re-posting your images on Instagram at the 'NEW' page HERE!

You can also follow Paul on Instagram HERE!