Free iTunes EP: '4: John Paul George Ringo'

22 September 2014

Download '4', a free digital EP from iTunes and experience a taste of the individual brilliance of John, Paul, George and Ringo.

The Beatles combined four singular talents to become the biggest, most influential band of all time. As sad as it was when the band split in 1970, fans would be consoled by a wealth of brilliant solo work for decades to come. A new free sampler courtesy of iTunes presents one song from each of the Fab Four, showcasing the distinctive musical journeys that they undertook as solo artists.

Opening with John Lennon’s gorgeous piano ballad 'Love' (from 1970’s John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band), the collection includes Paul McCartney’s simmering 'Call Me Back Again' (a highlight from Wings’ 1975 Venus and Mars), George Harrison’s explosive 'Let It Down' (off 1970’s All Things Must Pass), and Ringo Starr’s lush 'Walk With You' (from 2010’s Y Not).

These songs' extraordinary emotional and sonic range offer a fittingly diverse introduction to the band members' deep and richly satisfying work.

[Please note: This offer is now closed]


Several of Paul's albums have been Mastered for iTunes. Check out Paul's updated iTunes store profile by clicking HERE!

The remastered Venus and Mars and At The Speed Of Sound are now also available to pre-order through iTunes. Pre-order Venus and Mars and download 'Listen To What The Man Said' straight away. Likewise, pre-order At The Speed Of Sound and receive 'Let 'Em In'.

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