Go Behind ‘Venus and Mars’ and ‘At The Speed Of Sound’


Did you know that Linda wrote 'Cook of the House' for At The Speed Of Sound while in Australia? The song is, in-part, based around a plaque she and Paul bought whilst in Niagara Falls which hung in their kitchen and read, "No matter where I serve my guests. They seem to like the kitchen best.”

In celebration of the forthcoming Wings reissues, Venus and Mars and At The Speed Of Sound, we have created a new interactive microsite telling the story of Wings; its members, their influences and of course – the music!

We've collected together a selection of facts and anecdotes to take you behind-the-scenes of both albums and how they were conceived. We also give you an insight into each of the individual band members and the roles they played.

Explore the band

You’ll discover that Paul played Bill Black's bass on ‘Cook of the House’ (Black had used the same instrument on Elvis Presley's ‘Heartbreak Hotel’). Find out more info on the band members by clicking each member’s photo.

Scroll down the album's tracklistings for information, facts and lyrics. You’ll find Venus and Mars on the left and At The Speed Of Sound on the right, click on the track title to hear the song or check out the music player at the bottom of the screen.


Scroll through promotional and candid photos from the album's original releases.

Watch the new lyric video for ‘Call Me Back Again’, created by artist Thomas Hicks and featuring hand-painted frames throughout. You can also look inside the forthcoming deluxe packages by clicking to play the unboxing videos.

Check out the Wings microsite by clicking HERE!

Let us know your favourite Wings songs and memories in the comments below!



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