How to have the ultimate Glastonbury watch party

A crowd in front of a stage cheering while confetti falls
24 June 2022
After months of anticipation, the big day is almost here – Paul headlines Glastonbury Festival on the iconic Pyramid Stage this Saturday, 25th June! If you’ve ever seen Paul live before – perhaps even on the recent GOT BACK US tour – you know this is going to be a must-see event, with Paul and the band set to put on a spectacular show.  

 And while tickets are limited to just 200,000 lucky people, that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate wherever we are in the world. In the words of Paul himself: ‘We’re gonna have a party, party’… So, here’s our ultimate guide for getting in the Glasto spirit from the comfort of your own home.  

First up… 

Select your warm-up music 

The festival experience is all about the music, and we’re certainly not short of Paul songs to choose from when creating an event soundtrack. In anticipation of Saturday’s big event, we’ve been thinking about what would be on our dream Paul McCartney set list. So, we’ve set up a playlist generator which does just that! Simply choose your favourite songs, put them in order, and save to your streaming account. Check it out here. 

If you’d rather sit back and let someone else choose for you, there’s a great selection of playlists already on streaming platforms. On Apple Music, check out Paul McCartney Essentials for the top tracks, or Paul McCartney: Deep Cuts for ones you may not have heard in a while. On Spotify, we’ve curated the Paul McCartney Best Of playlist, as well as the Sticking Out Of My Back Pocket playlist with a different theme each month.  

Try out the new Glastonburger  

A hand holding a burger in a bun with cheese and lettuce, wrapped in paper
The Linda McCartney Foods Glastonburger

For the first time ever, Linda McCartney Foods has come to Glastonbury! While festival attendees can enjoy vegetarian burgers and vegan milkshakes at the food stand near the Pyramid Stage, we’re thrilled to be able to share the recipe for the Glastonburger which has been especially created for this weekend. Here’s how to make it at home: 


1 Linda McCartney’s Vegetarian 1/4lb burger 
⁠1 seeded bun 
⁠2 leaves iceberg lettuce 
⁠2 tbsp classic burger relish 
⁠1 slice Somerset cheddar or plant-based alternative 
⁠1 large gherkin, sliced 


  1. Cook your Linda McCartney 1/4lb burger according to the instructions on the packet  

  2. Add your slice of cheese so it melts on top for the final 2 minutes of cooking

  3. Cut and lightly toast your burger bun, then add relish 

  4. Place your burger on the bun base, add gherkins and lettuce followed by the top of the bun 

  5. Enjoy! 

Wash it down with a Maccarita 

 Did you know that Paul has a favourite cocktail, which he makes for friends and family on special occasions? Introducing… the Maccarita! Paul’s spin on a classic margarita, this tipple is a perfect accompaniment to any festival watch party. 

Watch here as Paul takes you through the recipe with his daughter Mary, in a clip from her Discovery Plus show Mary McCartney Serves It Up

Get creative 

 One amazing thing about having a festival at home is you don’t have to put up with bad weather! There are no worries about getting enough sleep, having showers, or (dare we say it) the state of the toilets - that means you can go big with all the fun stuff, such as the décor!   

Glastonbury, in particular, is famous for its flags. You’ve probably seen photos or videos of rows of multicoloured flags, and of fan-made flags and signs waving in the crowd. All you need to create your own at home is a big piece of fabric, some marker pens and a long pole. For inspiration, we recommend recreating some iconic Paul McCartney artwork, using a song lyric, or thinking of a clever pun (‘Let It Glastonbury’? We’ll see ourselves out…).  

There’s also the famous Glastonbury sign with is a very Instagrammable spot on site. To make your own, draw letters onto pieces of cardboard, paint them, and assemble it on your walls or in your garden. Your sign could say ‘Glastonbury’ to stay on theme, or you could be playful with it – ‘Housetonbury’, ‘Glast-home-bury’, or whatever you like! 

Dress the part 

A family dressed in Sgt Pepper costumes
Fans at Paul's shows in Vancouver, 2016

All fashion statements are welcome – in fact, encouraged – at Glastonbury, and that extends to your party at home. Always wanted to recreate The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper outfits? Now’s your chance! Or if you have a favourite Paul McCartney t-shirt, this is the time to wear it with pride. 

Paul’s merch store has recently been updated with items from the GOT BACK tour, so there’s still time to find something there! Check out the range of t-shirts-sweatshirts, tote bags and more here.  

And finally, tune in! 

Paul takes to the stage on Saturday night! For those in the UK, Paul’s performance will be broadcast on BBC1 and BBC Radio 2 from 10.30pm, and available to watch back on BBC iPlayer afterwards. For the rest of the world, you can watch highlights on Paul’s social media channels, on the global BBC social channels, or check your local listings. 

The countdown is on… We hope you’re just as excited as we are! 

If you do throw a Glastonbury party at home, share your photos with us on social media using #PaulMcCartneyAtGlasto and tagging @paulmccartney. We can’t wait to see what you do!