"If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian."

4 August 2010

Narrated by and starring Sir Paul McCartney, PETA's shocking new video takes its inspiration from the most well-known quote in the animal rights movement and offers a brief glimpse behind the walls of slaughterhouses, factory farms, live-animal transport and the fishing industry.

By teaming up with PETA to produce the powerful video – titled, "Glass Walls" – Sir Paul is helping to uncover the horrific abuse that the meat and dairy industries inflicts on animals to provide consumers with cheap burgers, nuggets and other products. He also explains the massive cost to the environment for which the meat industry is directly responsible.

Billions of individual animals are violently killed for their flesh every year – whilst others spend almost their entire lives confined to filthy, cramped conditions, where they are forced to produce seemingly endless supplies of eggs or gallons of milk.

"Glass Walls" goes deeper into the meat and dairy industries than any video we have produced before.

The video contains real-life footage of cows, chickens, sheep and other animals who are abused on factory farms across Europe and around the world – animals who all feel pain and fear just as you or I do and who were born to loving mothers solely so that one day, they could be killed and eaten.

This video is only a few minutes long, but most animals endure abuse like this for their entire lives.

"Glass Walls" is a must-see video for meat-eaters and vegans alike: ask yourself, "If slaughterhouses had glass walls, would I go vegan?" Watch the video, take the Pledge to Go Veg and then forward this to your friends.