"If you are anywhere in the New York area..."

"If you are anywhere in the New York area..."
5 December 2015

One of the many reasons we love living in London is there are so many great museums and exhibits to visit (definitley one of our favouite weekend activies!). Paul rang earlier today to let us know about an exhibit he enjoyed visiting in New York:

“Recently we visited my daughter Mary’s exhibition at the Gagosian Gallery on Madison Avenue in New York City. It’s really fantastic and titled ‘Mother Daughter’ as Mary is exhibiting with her Mum Linda. If you are anywhere in the New York area it’s a must see. Lots of great photos from Mary and Linda on sale for a limited time. Dare I suggest that one of them would make the perfect Christmas present! It’s a great show, so check it out! Love Paul."

The 'Mother Daughter' exhibition is free to view at the Gagosian Gallery located at 976 Madison Avenue, New York City. It runs until Saturday 19th December and the gallery is open between 10am to 6pm, Tuesday through Saturday. 'Mother Daughter' has been featured in Vogue, Vanity Fair and W Magazine and you can find out more details on the exhibition at the Gagosian Gallery's website by clicking HERE!

If you're not in the New York area, but would like to check out the prints, you can visit the gallery's online store by clicking HERE!

Top photo: Paul and Mary McCartney at the opening of 'Mother Daughter', with photos by Linda and Mary McCartney, at the Gagosian Gallery, New York. Friday 20th November 2015 ©PMC / @patrickmcmullan