June Newsletter: 'What's That You're Doing? (No.6/Vol.7)'

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June saw Paul’s ‘summer of live’ in full swing as he continued to tour his way around North America on the latest leg of the record-breaking ‘Freshen Up’ tour.

But it doesn’t stop there, we learnt more about his four “live” re-issues as he sat down with us to explain why he made "the Russian album" CHOBA B CCCP. We also got the low down on those “Paul Is Dead” conspiracy theories as he patiently answered our many questions about Paul Is Live.

The fun didn't stop there as we celebrated the Meat Free Monday campaign’s 10th birthday alongside a whole host of notable celebrities who posted their messages. Big thanks to everyone from Kate Moss to Tom Hanks, Katy Perry to Orlando Bloom. And we couldn't forget the man himself as we celebrated Paul's birthday, thoroughly enjoying all of your messages!

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