Linda and Mary McCartney 'Mother Daughter' - New NYC Exhibition

Linda and Mary McCartney 'Mother Daughter' - New NYC Exhibition
23 November 2015

"My mother shaped my view of the world and inspired me to embrace spontaneity and capture the unforced. To show with her is such an honour for me and validates my journey as a photographer." —Mary McCartney

Last Saturday 21st November saw the opening of a special exhibition - Linda McCartney and Mary McCartney 'Mother Daughter' - at the Gagosian Gallery, New York.

Exhibited together for the first time, photographs by the late Linda McCartney and her daughter Mary explore the connective tissue of family; common experience; a love of the photographic medium, revealing a great ability to capture fleeting moments of intimacy.

Linda McCartney and Mary McCartney 'Mother Daughter' will run from November 20th until December 19th.

Full details of the exhibition can be found HERE!

To coincide with the exhibition a new Linda McCartney Instagram page has launched today and can be found under the profile name LindaMcCartney or by clicking HERE! The account will celebrate Linda's position as a prolific and influential chronicler of the late twentieth century.

Linda's Instagram will see exclusive and beautiful photographs from her archive and related projects, and allow followers to become acquainted with different aspects of her photographic career.

Cherries, Antigua, 1970 - Linda McCartney

Paul and Mary, Australia, 1993 - Linda McCartney

Whisky and Milk, Scotland, 1978 - Linda McCartney

Stella in Flower Field, Long Island, 2006 - Mary McCartney

Embrace, London, 2003 - Mary McCartney

Mum's Side of the Bed, Sussex, 1995 - Mary McCartney