Linda McCartney Retrospective Opens Today

Linda McCartney Retrospective Opens Today
6 November 2014

Today South Korea’s first ever exhibition of works by Linda McCartney opened to the public. The private viewing of the 'Linda McCartney Retrospective' took place at the Daelim Museum in Seoul yesterday.

Combining images of top musicians from The Rolling Stones to The Beatles with shots of precious moments in her everyday life, Linda's reputation for unembellished images offers candid glimpses into the emotions of her subjects.

The 'Linda McCartney Retrospective' will run until 26th April, 2015.

“Her humour is there, her sympathy, her love of nature and life. Every image is a reflection of her way of seeing life and how she viewed every day with fresh eyes. Her lens was her way of expressing herself, the real Linda.”  Stella McCartney