Macca Mania in Brazil & Video Exclusive

8 November 2010

Paul's first show in Brazil since 1993 drew some frenzied scenes. The 66,000 tickets sold out in a matter of hours when they went on sale last month. Fans desperate to get to the front of the stage to watch Sunday's show had camped out from Wednesday night. Thousands of fans took over an area by the stadium entrance to set up camp just waiting for the doors to open. Locals referred to the site as the McCartney village. The expectant concert goers, passed the time by busking and listening to their favourite Macca tunes, dressing up as their idol and enjoying the glorious sunshine. Stadium workers even put up some portable toilets up to cope with the numbers!

One fan Hebe Santiago, 27, who had traveled from Rio De Janeiro with her friends told us before the doors opened, "I took this week off from work so I could camp out here with my friends, we've had such a great time. We are so excited. We have to be at the front. I was too young last time Paul played in Brazil but my parents said it's the best show in the world. I can't wait". Before the concert the hotel Paul was staying at was besieged with fans and media making it difficult for Paul to even leave to get to the show. The concert was a massive success. Paul played for nearly three hours and rocked the city of Porto Alegre. The concert attracted a multi generational audience and made headline news throughout Brazil. Next stop Argentina.