Message from Paul - "Ban Cluster Bombs"

1 June 2008

Ban Cluster Bombs Cluster bomblets, like anti-personnel mines, are unacceptable when they kill and injure innocent civilians including children. I call upon individuals, organisations and politicians to do all they can to remove and reduce the impact of these weapons for future generations

Paul McCartney Please join me in signing the No More Landmines petition to Ban Cluster Bombs. Cluster bombs are containers which release several hundred smaller "bomblets" when fired. They pose unacceptable harm both during and long after conflicts. They have killed thousands of people and 98% of the victims are innocent civilians, one third of these are children. Numerous countries, including the United Kingdom, continue to use or produce and export cluster bombs. Given the current and potential scale of the damage, it is urgent that new international law prohibits the further use, production, transfer and stockpiling of these weapons. Please support this campaign by signing the petition calling for: A ban on the production, use, transfer and stockpiling of all cluster bombs A commitment from the UK government in favour of an international agreement on this ban The rapid destruction of any existing stocks

For more information and to sign the petition go to: Thank you for your support.