New BBC Radio 4 Documentary speaks to Paul and follows LIPA graduates

New BBC Radio 4 Documentary speaks to Paul and follows LIPA graduates
25 November 2016

Earlier this year Paul was interviewed by BBC Radio 4's Janice Long for a three-part documentary about performing arts school the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA). In the three-part series Janice follows students during the final year of their degree, through graduation and their ventures into the world as they try to enter the performing arts industry.

The students featured are singer-songwriter Katya, dancer Danielle, and DJ Dan who is studying entertainment management. They’re hardworking, dedicated and determined to be at the forefront of our performance industries in just a few short years, but first they have to hone their craft.

Katya is writing songs for her big final year show, and Danielle has been cast to represent LIPA at a national dance convention. Dan has been DJ-ing and working in a radio station. As they prepare for final assignments and performances they share the ups and downs of the concluding year as artists-in-training and their hopes for the future.

The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts was set up by Paul and BRIT school founder Mark Featherstone-Witty over twenty years ago. Paul was worried about what they would offer stating, "You can’t teach them to be John Lennon". As well as performance skills, LIPA also teaches students the business side of one of the UK's most competitive industries.

With exclusive and close-up access to life at LIPA, we meet those who want to become our arts practitioners of the future and those who are helping to get them there.

The programmes will be broadcast on Radio 4 at 3pm (GMT) on:

Tuesday 29th November - 'Life At LIPA: The Big Performance'
Tuesday 6th December - 'Life At LIPA: Showtime'
Tuesday 13th December - 'Life At LIPA: Come Together'