Official Paul McCartney social media accounts

Paul McCartney's signature
28 September 2023

MPL are aware of a number of social media accounts who impersonate Paul McCartney for financial gain online. MPL are not associated with these accounts in any way, and take all possible action to have them taken down.  

To ensure the safety of fans, we recommend following this guidance:

  1. Paul McCartney’s official accounts all use the handle @paulmccartney. Any variation on this, for example @paul_mccartneyy or @paulmccartneyprivate, will not be official 
  2. There will be a verification tick/check mark next to Paul McCartney’s name when it is the real verified account
  3. You can find links to all of Paul McCartney’s official social media channels on the navigation bar of this website, or linked in this article
  4. Paul McCartney, MPL or official management will never directly message someone for a ‘private chat’, nor make requests for money
  5. Meet and greets, when available, are only sold on official tour ticketing platforms, or as part of a promotion or competition from Paul McCartney’s official social media account
  6. If you do see an account impersonating Paul McCartney, please report it to the relevant social media platform

Official social media accounts:

Community SMS: +1(212)313-9547
⁠Twitter / X :