'Out There' Tour Infographic

'Out There' Tour Infographic
27 December 2015

PaulMcCartney.com was lucky enough to go on tour with Paul twice in 2015, joining him and his band and crew in Japan in April and the UK dates in May. During those trips we saw Paul play live several times... and gosh, were we impressed!

Watching the concerts got us thinking: what goes into creating a tour as big as this? To find out, we spoke with our friends on the crew and worked together to create the 'Out There' tour infographic!

Click the image below to check out the full-sized infographic. And be sure to let us know your favourite facts and if you saw Paul play on his 'Out There' tour in the comments...!

(Click the image to view the full-sized infographic)

Watch the 'Out There' infographic animations by Michael Kingett on the tour's YouTube playlist below:


Infographic by Infogr8