Paul attends Linda McCartney Retrospective In Montpellier

21 February 2014

Last night, Paul and his family attended the opening reception of the Linda McCartney retrospective photography exhibition in the city of Montpellier, France. The exhibition will run from 21st February – 4th May 2014 at Le Pavillon Populaire, a very special space dedicated to photography.

More than 200 prints and original documents are displayed, reflecting Linda's instinctive ability to capture the beauty of a particular moment.

Linda got her first big break as a photographer while working as receptionist at 'Town and Country Magazine'. She used an unwanted invitation to a Rolling Stones promotional event on the SS Sea Panther on the Hudson River in New York to document the event and photograph the band.

She became a professional photographer in the mid-sixties. Her pictures during this period chronicled the musical revolution of the decade.

Linda's photographic oeuvre contains photographs of the musical scene of the 60s in New York, California and London, her family life with Paul and their children, and photographs of the natural world she was so fond of.

Exhibition Curator: Gilles Mora and members of the McCartney family, in collaboration with Claudia Schmid of Linda Enterprises Ltd.
--- will be publishing a new collection of photos from the exhibition next week.