Paul Contributes To Refugee Auction

Paul Contributes To Refugee Auction
19 November 2015

Star Boot Sale: Artists’ possessions auctioned to raise money for refugees fleeing for their lives

A treasure trove of collectible items has been gathered from famous musicians, actors and artists for an eBay auction to benefit refugees affected by the brutal Syrian conflict. Dozens of one-of-a-kind pledged items will be available for public bid from 9pm GMT 26th November to 9pm GMT 6th December, with all funds raised going to the International Rescue Committee (IRC).

Items up for auction include; a personal donation from Paul including a jewellery box, vinyl, CDs, Linda McCartney poster of The Beatles, a selection of books (pictured below) and several items of clothing, Arctic Monkey’s front man Alex Turner’s jacket worn at the BRIT Awards 2014, a signed guitar from Coldplay, and Blur’s working ice cream van, as seen on stage at Hyde Park summer 2015.

Shocked by the recent attacks in Paris and Beirut and the dreadful images of the refugee disaster unfolding, Blur drummer Dave Rowntree asked some of the country’s brightest talents to get behind the cause.

“The Bataclan is part of the DNA of the European music industry. I’ve played there, as have most of the musicians I know," said Rowntree. “Now, more than ever, we must show our support for the men, women and children who are fleeing terror in Syria because, on Friday, we all saw what that terror looks like.”

IRC President and CEO David Miliband confirmed: "Horrific attacks like those in Paris and Beirut must not blind us from helping the victims of the world’s conflicts. These are innocent people fleeing a protracted conflict, now in its fifth year, which has been characterised by unimaginable acts of violence, including those perpetrated by ISIS, the architects of the Paris atrocities.”

The IRC is providing much needed emergency assistance for refugees in Syria and across the region in Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, and Turkey.

Dave Rowntree added: “With winter approaching the crisis will become even more desperate. We want to raise money to buy winter kits for refugees, containing warm clothes, blankets and bedding. All proceeds will go directly to those in need.”

The IRC is partnering with eBay for Charity and you can find the full list of the exclusive items there, or visit for more information. Follow @IRCuk on Twitter for updates and tweet using #starbootsale