Paul honoured by PETA's 'Vegetarian Icons US Stamp'

28 November 2011

Paul has been honoured in PETA's new "Vegetarian Icons" U.S. postage PhotoStamp™ collection. The collector's sheet honors some of the world's most dynamic vegetarians throughout history.

Paul is the host of PETA's exposé inside the meat industry, called "Glass Walls" for the Beatle's celebrated statement: "If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian."

The iconic vegetarians featured in PETA's postage sheet also include Ellen DeGeneres,Leonardo da Vinci,Natalie Portman,Albert Schweitzer,Joan Jett,Russell Simmons,Johnny Appleseed,Leo Tolstoy,Steve-O,CésarChávez,Mohandas Gandhi,Pythagoras,Chrissie Hynde,Bob Barker,Bryan Adams,Woody Harrelson,and Pamela Anderson. PETA's new postage series is available here